Welcome to the Boondocks!

After 14 years of breeding Dachshunds and 8 years of Corgis, Boondocks is announcing our last summer of breeding. I love my dogs but life has continued in a new direction including more schooling and prospect of a new job. I have enjoyed all the stories and pictures from all of you over the years and would love if you would continue to send them! I am hoping to have 1 litter from Beanie this summer. Just waiting for nature to kick in :) If all goes well this will be the last litter of Doxies that we will produce.

     Boondocks dachshunds is the home of many happy dachshunds!  We only breed hand picked doxies who have superior conformation and tempermant.  We do show many of our puppies and adults and we have many champions.   All of our dogs have good pedigrees.  But most important, we work very hard to place beautiful puppies with great conformation and wonderful tempermants in loving homes.   The highest calling of every dog is not necessarily the show ring, but being a best friend to someone.

      We have quality mini dachshund puppies for sale.  Occasionally we have adult dachshunds for sale.  Future parents of our dachshund puppies are carefully screened.  We DO NOT EVER knowingly sell to brokers or puppymills.   Boondocks is located in Mn on 60 acres of streams and woods.  Our dachshunds have plenty of room to run , play and bark at a passing cat(one of thier favorite past times)

     The dachshund puppies that we have for sale are all raised in our house.  They are played with every day by our children from the time they are old enough to be handled.   By the time they are placed in homes, they are kid test and mother approved!!  Referances given upon request. 




God made a little dachsie to brighten up our day-
He took a bit of sunshine- Laughter, love, and play-
and rolled it up in a sausage shape just right for a hug,
with bright eyes full of mischief set in its little mug.
With little paws a pattering, to take it here and there-
and a cold wet nose - but then He thought, "Oh, what about the hair?
Shall I make it long and silky, or wiry, that's so sweet,
or make it simple, and have it smooth and satiny and neat?
And what about the color- how can I pick just one?
Shall it be black, or red or brown or dappled, just for fun?"
He pondered while He made the world, And all creatures great and small-
And then the answer came to Him- "OF COURSE! I'll make them ALL!!
So remember that a dachshund is special, from above-
His coat of many colors is a sign of God's great Love.



2 litters of Corgis due May 2017



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